Aircraft or Ground-Based aerial photography, Ground Aerial covers a vastly broader spectrum than our competitors.


From 20′ to 2000′, we can photograph a subject from any altitude. Additionally, we can get in between buildings, in residential neighborhoods, restricted airspace, even indoors at larger venues.

Other Features:

  • We can provide the right aerial platform for almost any situation.
  • Stunning, crisp detail at any altitude!
  • Our low-altitude system is completely silent, so we can operate on location without disturbing the neighbors, wildlife, or any surrounding elements.
  • Our ground-based system has the ability to remain on location for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days. Since we are stationary, time exposure shots are possible with our system, without the need to utilize higher ISO settings, resulting in a poor, grainy image.
  • We offer both twilight and nighttime aerial photography.